Global warming what causes it and

Every day, more electric gadgets flood the market, and without widespread alternative energy sources, we are highly dependent on burning coal for our personal and commercial electrical supply.

Much as the Air Force develops computer programs to simulate aircraft flight under different conditions, climate scientists develop computer programs to simulate global climate changes under different conditions. Delay in taking such action will require much sharper cuts later, which would likely be more difficult and costly.

When models take into account both natural and human drivers, they better reflect the observed changes in temperature. Deforestation is one of the biggest causes of global warming.

Confidence in attribution per type of event. Although attribution science is clearer for some types of events than for others, it is an important step to provide predictive forecasts of extreme events at longer lead times, reducing risks and improving preparedness.

This barrage of misinformation misleads and confuses the public — and makes it more difficult to implement effective solutions. Visionary strategies, innovative technologies, and enlightened government policies are leading to more efficient production and increased use of clean, renewable energy sources, such as solarwindand geothermal power.

A2 assumes continued increases in emissions, and B1 assumes significant emissions reductions.

Effects of Global Warming Essay

Unfortunately it is highly likely that the problems of global warming will persist unless immediate action is to be taken. The good news is that, because we as humans caused global warming, we can also do something about it.

Around the world, research teams are analyzing these trends, noting the changes in temperature, rainfall, ice mass, sea level, and many other variables recorded by weather measuring devices.

Modernity, modern technology and new lifestyles have resulted in human activities that produce a lot of greenhouse gasses such as deforestation, the combustion of fossil fuels, industrial action and farming animals. According to scientific research, if all the snow and ice were to melt today, this would result in a raised sea level of over feet worldwide and would be instantly detrimental to many low lying areas such as the Netherlands and other low lying islands around the world.

Compiled by a team of over experts from the most recent accumulation of data over three years, the National Climate Assessment NCAClimate Change Impacts in the United States, was required by Congress to provide clear answers to these important questions.

Visionary strategies, innovative technologies, and enlightened government policies are leading to more efficient production and increased use of clean, renewable energy sources, such as solarwindand geothermal power.

And the upward trend, thought to be driven by rising ocean temperatures, is unlikely to stop at any time soon. Costly and Growing Health Impacts Climate change has significant implications for our health, including increased air pollution and a longer and more intense allergy season.

Affordable prices Our essay writing service is tailored to fit your budget. To avoid this level of warming, large emitters such as the United States need to greatly reduce heat-trapping gas emissions by mid century. What causes climate change (also known as global warming)?

And what are the effects of climate change? Learn the human impact and consequences of climate change for.

Effects of Global Warming Essay

Scientists have determined that a number of human activities are contributing to global warming by adding excessive amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide accumulate in the atmosphere and trap heat that normally would exit into outer space.

The planet is warming and human activity is the primary cause. Learn about the science and consequences of global warming -- and the practical solutions we have at hand to address this global. Global Warming Causes Global warming is primarily a problem of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere—which acts as a blanket, trapping heat and warming the planet.

Global Warming Is Urgent and Can Be Addressed CO2 survives in the atmosphere for a long time—up to many centuries—so its heat-trapping effects are compounded over time.

Of the many heat-trapping gases, CO2 puts us at the greatest risk of irreversible changes if it continues to accumulate unabated in the atmosphere—as it is likely to do if the global economy remains dependent on fossil fuels for its. Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the "greenhouse effect" — warming that results when the .

Global warming what causes it and
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Global Warming Effects and Causes: A Top 10 List