Indian telecom sector employability skills

The use of existing resources like the ITIs, polytechnics, engineering colleges, and by way of mobilizing students through industry engagement can go a long way in enhancing employability of the youth today. She lacked the skills required for a job in a relevant field.

We Jump start your Career. In the industry—education disconnect, schools get missed out, it's high time they were brought in for effective action. Affiliated training partner of NSDC. The government is ready to go all out to support the industry. What corporates expect in students changes every year.

The key employability trends of 2018

Often, companies do not appreciate the knowledge students have in their specialised area. Employability level of B. Through these centres the effort is to establish connect with the industry as training partners, which have been given the freedom to establish infrastructure, get faculty and run these centres to provide live lab experience to train the students.

Language should be tested for spoken and listening skills as well. A telecommunication specialist has a thorough knowledge of technical specifications of network equipments and is mainly responsible for planning network installations.

Andhra Pradesh has emerged on top in terms of employability among the states with the engineering graduates having the highest level of employability, according to India Skills Report EEP is imparted using advanced delivery methods which include case studies, group projects, assignments and presentations, interaction with domain experts, and real life simulations.

In education, the great Indian jugaad manifests itself in the skill development programme. Unable to get a job, textile engineering graduate Lakshmi Priya decided to do her own research on opportunities.

For starters, the catalogue of skills and certifications will only be a subset of what the economy needs.

The Great Indian Education 'Jugaad'

The report took into account 5, universities and professional institutions in the country, with over three lakh students across 29 states and seven Union territories. The telecom sector has been the epicenter for development, innovation, and growth for almost every industry in India.

The private sector version of the same is the finishing school. Trained career counsellors in higher secondary schools and colleges should advise parents so that everyone doesn't jump on to the IT bandwagon. In his keynote address, Maj Gen P N Monga, (Veteran) Regional Head, North Telecom Sector Skill Council, said, “The youth of the country need special attention to enhance their employability.

Indian Telecom Sector Employability Skills

Lack of exposure is making youth not employable. The India Skills Report, which is the sixth edition, captured insights and trends from the largest employability test that was spread out to universities and professional institutions in.

A spiring Minds is India’s leading employability solutions company, headquartered in Gurgaon with operations in US, China, India, Middle East, Philippines and Sub-Saharan Africa.

India, with its huge population, is the most exciting higher education market in the world.

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The education and training sector in India is standing at $ billion and the private education segment alone is expected to cross $45 billion mark by from the present $35 billion, according to a research by Investor Relation Society.

‘India Skills Report ’ predicts only a slight increase of about % in overall hiring “Once the telecom sector improves, the job situation will improve. with an employability. skills sector (including by the UK), evaluation of programme and initiative objectives as well as evidence of success and lessons learned and a review of policy and regulation within the Indian skills landscape, with special reference to the three states noted above.

Indian telecom sector employability skills
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